Mahabalipuram – A dream trip to the land where stones tell Many Stories.

mahabalipuram travel diaries

Mahabalipuram – Travel Diaries

At around 10 am, the bus stops on a highway near Mahabalipuram, from where one can reach Mahabalipuram by taking a share auto. It was very hot in the morning and I remembered the condition of Wayanad at ten o’clock. Ohh it’s really heaven. We ate at a nice hotel and went down to the sights. Many of the historical relics of Mahabalipuram are located at a distance of one or two kilometers, so everything must be seen on foot. If you carry a bag weighing 60 kg and walk through this Sun, it will be a total decision. You can’t miss everything. നട നട. It was built by the kings of the Pallava dynasty in southern India in the 7th century AD, 60 km south of Chennai, the present-day capital of Tamil Nadu. The place is named after the Pallava king ‘Mamallan’. All the historical monuments here date back to the 7th and 9th centuries AD. Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It amazed me for centuries to do this. The creations of this shore, it is the wonders carved in stone. Most of the monuments are carved out of the rock; Many are made of a single rock. In all these monuments you can see the touch of ancient Dravidian architecture. It shows many aspects of Buddhism. The monuments of Mahabalipuram include cave temples, solitary halls, sculptures, and temples. Mahabalipuram is one of the finest examples of Pallava art. Mahabalipuram is also considered to be a school of architecture in the Pallava kingdom. There are many sculptures that are incomplete and of many styles, which is why it is considered a school.


It is evident that the five chariots used different styles. It seems that the first thing I saw was Arjuna’s tapas. The stone temple built as a symbol of Arjuna’s penance for receiving Pasupatastra is also known as the Ganga Fall. This part is rich in sculptures, and for a while, that beauty stood out. Next to the Krishna Mandapam is a sculpture of Lord Krishna standing on the Govardhana hill. The butter in the hand of Lord Krishna is a stone rolled on a rock near here. All this is the glory of the sculpture that has withstood the wind and rain for so long. There are many works on granite that show that the Pallavas practiced all sorts of miracles. This one part is almost over. Now back to that sculptural beauty on the beach the “Shore Temple”.

Shore Temple is a temple located on the seashore of Mahabalipuram. There are souvenir shops all over the side of the road that are nicely parked to attract tourists, followed by shops selling various sculptures and lots of beautiful sculptures for sale on the roadsides, both large and small, which evoke the tradition of the place. Built-in the 8th century, this temple faces the sea. It is believed that this temple protects the other temples and monuments of Mahabalipuram. This is a Vishnu temple. It is a beautiful small temple that stands tall on the shores of the river, but it has great beauty. Many foreigners and locals visit this place. Mahabalipuram is one of the oldest port cities in India. It was here that the recent India-China meeting took place, meanwhile, Mahabalipuram had caught the world’s attention. Next to the beach, the scorching sun and the hot sand dunes and the shoulder bag made me feel very tired. I just put 3 bottles of water inside.

Sitting on the beach for a while and looking at the infinity of the sea is another experience.

The chariots of the Pancha Pandavas can be reached by a five-minute walk from here. The stone chariots made of single stone are named after the Panchpandavas of the Mahabharata, although they do not have the look of a chariot, they all have a poetic beauty. They all come in many sizes and shapes. The tallest of these is the Dharmaraja chariot, while the other ones are in the shape of a hut, the Arjuna chariot, the Draupathi chariot, the Nakula chariot, and the Sahadevaratha. When they all stand together it feels like another world. How many people are together and how.

It is yet to be found that so many stone idols were made at Mahabalipuram. One thousand years from now, those works call out that there is no one who can beat the Pallavas in architecture. The Pallavas were landlords in Andhra Pradesh who joined hands with the Telugu-speaking people and the Tamil-speaking people to seize power. When the kingdom was established at Kanchipuram in the 4th century AD, Mahendra Varman and Narasimha Varman were the kings. The temples are dedicated to the deities Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in granite Dravidian architecture.

It is time to travel to Kanchipuram, the capital of the Pallava kingdom, on a journey to the beautiful creations of this centuries-old beach where the history of India lies dormant. It was half-past one, it was too late and I had to board a bus to Bangalore today to see the Kanchipuram sights. There is a two-hour bus to Kanchipuram, a two-hour journey (Rs 50), what if you get there at four? Let’s go there and see the rest.