A beautiful bike ride through three states – a dream come true moment


I have been to Ooty several times before, but this is my first time through ‘Mulli’. I saw a few posts about this route. So decided to go.

So I left home at 5.30 am (Angamaly). The journey began without much investigation, believing that finding the way would not be too difficult. Attappady via Palakkad and from there via Mulli-Manjur. This is the approximate outline. We were able to cross Palakkad before the morning traffic jam. We had breakfast there.


On the other hand, there are new roads, paths that go for the first time in my life. So, the excitement was high. On the way back to Attappadi we say goodbye to the big highways. The roads from Athappadi to Mulli are quiet and beautiful. Villages and people seem very close to nature. It was like going back ten or twenty years. We enjoyed it a lot and spent a lot of time there. In the meantime, we will pass the Kerala-Tamil Nadu check-posts close by. It is best to carry all paperwork, including smoke testing.

You can reach Ooty from Mulli via Manjur. This route has an indescribable experience. The truth is that we forgot until lunch on that trip through the woods and Hairpin turns. So in the evening, we reached Ooty. Along the way, I also got a friend named John. We gave him a lift from Lavatha to Ooty and he shared some good experiences in Ooty. We missed all the major tourist attractions in Ooty. But we were not disappointed at all and it gave us an even better experience that day

As soon as we reached Ooty we entered the room.
I was just booking a room online. After the Shower, naturally, we aim for food. Only two teas were served after breakfast. We solved that problem there. Each plate of ‘gopi bhaji’ from the road side and chapati and Manchurian from a nearby hotel. After a short walk along Market Road, we decided to end the day’s activities and go to bed.

We woke up at five in the morning with the help of four or five alarms. The next journey was to Masinagudi. The road through Hullathi is full of steep slopes and curves. This is a great way to have fun if you drive carefully.

The next destination was Bandipur from Masinagudi via Mudumalai National Park. Both the national parks offer a great experience for both travelers. In the meantime, we will cross the Karnataka border. Occasionally deer and peacocks provided a visual feast along the way.

Arriving in Bandipur at 8 pm, we decided to have breakfast at a local hotel. Earlier, it was planned to return via Muthanga, but due to lack of time, the return journey was via Nilambur. Every trip was an experience, so we came back from Kainira with some good memories.

Each trip fills me with a terrible crazy excitement. Nature, soil and sky are a terrible passion. Each trip ends with the excitement of getting ready for the next trip.