A beautiful bike ride with the beloved to Kollur Sri Mookambika (From Kerala to Karnataka)


Traveling in the Himalayas has been Our dream for a long time, and this same dream for it led us to get married. Even in the midst of post-wedding banquets, our minds were dreaming of the Himalayas. The dream of a trip to the edge of the snowmobile was dormant in both minds as the thickness of the pocket gradually decreased and the spread of the corona virus intensified.
Was not ready to surrender. We will travel, on the scooter as decided.Eventually we decided to go to Kollur Sri Mookambika in Karnataka where she had long ago expressed her desire. The whole experience of unplanned travel is a blessing in disguise. Therefore There was no big planning. However, it was intended to bring together all the essential good places along the way as memories.
The journey started from Kollam at 8 am. When we reached the Thottapalli spillway, we decided that we could see the beach and turned there.On the beach, wind-blown beaks, Probably because not many people came, Such a view belongs to that beach. Spent some time there. Today’s trip to her house in Kochi. So we changed the regular route and went to the ‘Thanneer mukkam bundle‘ through Muhamma. From a distance, I saw Pathiramanal, a lot of memories were flashing. We went to Kochi via Cherthala and stayed there.

A long ride along the Thrissur Highway. We reached Kozhikode around 5pm. To really enjoy the beauty of Thamarassery pass, I decided that the next journey would be in the morning and sought refuge in the oyo room. Leaving the bag and other belongings in the room, we went to Kozhikode beach after a bath. Driving in those times was beautifully performed by my beloved wife. When we landed on the Kozhikode beach,Naturally the tasty ‘Ice churandiyathu‘ stole our full concentration. But since we had decided not to eat cold food until the end of the journey, we bought the salted one and satisfied our craving. From there we went straight to paragon and had a nice dinner and returned to the room.
We are preparing to climb the Thamarassery pass( Thamarasseri Churam). Although I often went by bus, the curiosity was a bit more since I was first on a scooter. If she is in the thrill of going to Wayanad for the first time. Arriving at the base, we drank each cup of tea, filled the scooter’s belly also, and began our journey, remembering Actor Pappu’s funny dialogues a movie, “Padachonae engalu Katholee.” We climbed the winding and winding climb to the view point at the top of the pass and enjoyed the beauty of the distance as well. I took a handful of pictures to put on the memoir and returned. We stayed at a relative’s house in Mananthavady in Wayanad and decided to stay with Wayanad for one more day.


One birth is not enough to see the beauty of Wayanad. However, due to the long distance to be reached and the number of holidays to be counted, after searching nearby places on Google started our journey for searching ‘Kuruva’. When we seemed to be about to arrive, we stopped to make sure of the road, next to the person we saw on the way. Unfortunately, access to Kurua has been temporarily suspended. There was no grief, because the distance traveled had the beauty to overcome that grief.The next destination was the Edakkal Cave. Arrived there in the afternoon. Climb the steep climb and see the ancient inscriptions and the handicrafts of nature along with the hustle and bustle inside the cave. When it seemed that the rush was over, we got out of there, bought a bottle of ‘Then Nelli'(A local food,an amazing combination of Gooseberry immersed in honey) and returned to the room. The journey to the destination begins again tomorrow. Everything was ready and we went to bed early.

The journey from Wayanad was via Periya Pass. It cannot be said in one word that it is beautiful. The dense greenery, the mild coolness and the silence of nature all made the trip even more beautiful. Periya Pass is our favorite place than Thamarassery Pass.
Arrived at Kasargod Bekal Fort around 4pm.
Uyire ….. Uyire ….. Vannu Ennode Kalanthi vidu ….
It was only when I got there that I realized that the place where it was filmed had a special charm for this song. We climbed up and down the carved stairs, enjoyed the vastness of the sea through the hidden gates, and, tired of walking around the cobbled walkway, left with the day and took refuge in the Oyo Room.

Only a short distance to the goal. We have reached Thalappadi, the northernmost village in Kerala. We went to a small tea shop on the side of the road, drank bratomlate and Thalappadi special cotton and said goodbye to Kerala and continued our journey.
Crossing the border of Kerala, an unfamiliar place, different culture, different tastes. When I got into this adventure on a scooter with a girl, the fear I had never felt before rippled inside me a little. When the Google map pointed to a desolate road full of forest, he said, “No, there are some thieves on this road,” and drove off. Then again the map kept paving the way in front. When I went to repeat this for the third time, my wife said: Go the way Google says. So we went and finished the road and came to the field where the cows were grazing. Fearing that someone might be on the way, Google Map took me to a place where there was no one to even ask for directions. When I apologized for not believing the map at first, Google pointed the finger at the grassy path. Inevitably we blindly believed in technology. When we finally reached the tarred road, the my wife’s breath fell straight. At 4 pm we reached Kollur Sri Mookambika, then booked a room there and slept dreaming of the journey to Kodachadri tomorrow.