A romantic journey to Parambikulam enjoying the beauty of the forest – Travelogue: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary


A journey prepared in my mind in the tiredness of the boring expatriate nights of Kuwait while listening to the lines penetrating to my ears through the headset. When those lines were filled with romantic dreams, a journey with the sweetheart melting into nature was ready on the line. Arriving home on a short vacation I got unexpectedly, I was later preparing for it. The thought of what it would be like to get away from the tedious hustle and bustle of a busy life and spend a peaceful, peaceful night in the middle of the forest with my loved one prompted me to book the Parambikulam Thunakkadavu Tree Top. So the long-awaited day came. At 5.00 am, my wife and my daughter, who is only one year old, and I set off in a car from my home in Munduparam, Malappuram. Prior to that trip, a number of people had expressed concern about the trip. Living in an isolated hut in the jungle, where wildlife roams, the second tiger sanctuary in Kerala with a small baby is a matter of concern to anyone. But having been there before, I was not intimidated by the precise understanding of the place, and I made sure of the trip, regardless of anything else. It takes about 5 hours to travel about 170 km. The booking slip states that the time to report there is 12.00 noon. So our goal was to get there by that time. I drove slowly to see my daughter’s tricks and games through the quiet countryside with beautiful trees and shade on both sides of the black tarred road. The experience of such journeys is indescribable.

There were very few vehicles on the road in the early hours of the morning. However, people were beginning to run out of sleep to work for a living. On the way from Malappuram to Palakkad, there are many beautiful places to visit. Kanjirapuzha Dam, Kodikuthimala, Shirvani, Patrakkadavu Falls, and many more places. Everything just needs to go a little inward. We parked at Olavakkode for breakfast. When choosing a hotel for a typical breakfast for an early morning trip, look for hotels with good toilet facilities. Especially on trips with family. It will help us to travel without other difficulties. After eating good masala dosha and tea we continued our journey again. After Palakkad, you have to take Pollachi Road to reach Tamil Nadu to reach Parambikulam. Parambikulam is located in Kerala but can only be reached through Tamil Nadu. We parked the car in a beautiful place on the way and enjoyed the view all around. The view of the Western Ghats kissing in the clear clouds of the sky, beyond the flat farmlands of Palmyra tree, the pride of Palakkad stands head over heels, took our travel fatigue away from our bodies. When we crossed the Palakkad and Pollachi and reached the entrance of the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, the time on the watch was close to 12 00 pm. At Sethumade check post, the charge is Rs 30 per person, Rs 100 for LMV, Rs 150 for the van, Rs 200 for HV and Rs 150 for a vehicle, and Rs 80 for the camera.


The journey continued through the forest path paying a total of Rs.200. When we reached the entrance of Parambikulam, we crossed the narrow curves of the narrow road accompanied by indistinct sound fragments from the forest. The peacock that greeted us with its dancing footsteps spread its peals and filled my daughter’s eyes with curiosity and our minds with love. The fee at Parambikulam check post is Rs 23 per person and Rs 50 per car. After picking up the ticket there, we proceeded forward again. Herds of deer grazing on both sides of the road, wild boar, peacocks, and wild buffalo all made us happy. We parked our vehicle in front of a compound with fenced tents and the Forest Department’s office, submitted our booking details, and headed for the Tree Top with the help of a guide named Jimmy. We had to travel about 10km back to our place of residence. On that trip through the forest, I got to know Jimmy Chetan better. I was able to get some information about Parambikulam from him. Parambikulam is located in Chittoor Taluk, Palakkad district in the state of Kerala, India. The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, located in the Western Ghats, is the second-largest tiger reserve in Kerala with an area of ​​643.66 sq km. Parambikulam is home to 37 tigers, as well as leopards, Nilgiri Tahar, elephants, wild buffalo, deer, and many other species of birds. There are many other rare and endangered species here. This forest area is protected under different names such as evergreen forests, semi-evergreen forests, deciduous forests, and rainforests. Man-made teak plantations and three dams built in tandem with the environment for freshwater supply are some of the highlights of the place. These dams are known as Parambikulam, Thunakkadavu, and Peruvarippallam. But the ownership of all these dams belongs to Tamil Nadu as per the agreement of that time.

I wanted to ask for more things. But very soon we reached the residence. After parking the vehicle there, go straight to the canteen. A little rest after lunch with the river fish in the dam. That lofty mansion, perched on a small island by the river, which dreamed of me in a dream, amazed us with its breathtaking views. A dream house in a dense forest. In a cane armchair, he rested for a while in a romantic chat with his beloved on the edge of a wall made of bamboo. The daughter excitedly ran around the mansion. She was enjoying the wonders around her. There are 6 main types of accommodation in Parambikulam, including this treetop.

Tented Niche Jungle Camps.

There are 10 tents in total. Nice clean, beautiful bathroom with attached bathroom and balcony. The charge is Rs 6,100 on normal days and Rs 7,300 on holidays. Accommodation includes 3 meals, evening jungle safari, bamboo rafting at Parambikulam Reservoir, Tribal Symphony – Tribal Art Performance, and Trekking.
Check-in: 12:00 PM Check-Out: Next day 10.30 AM.

Honey Comb (A / C) Jungle Camps

Total 9 rooms. Nice clean, luxurious old English bungalow with attached bathroom and balcony. The charge is Rs 5,000 on normal days and Rs 6,100 on holidays. The package includes 3 meals with accommodation, a jungle safari in your own vehicle, bamboo rafting at Parambikulam Reservoir, Tribal Symphony – Tribal Art Performance.
Check in: 12:00 PM Check Out: Next day 10.30 AM

Treetop hut, Thunakadavu Jungle Camps

The best place for honeymoon couples. Only one.Built area with good cleanliness, attached bathroom, and balcony overlooking the reservoir and dense forest. The charge is Rs 4,800 on normal days and Rs 6,100 on holidays. Accommodation includes 3 meals, evening jungle safari, bamboo rafting at Parambikulam Reservoir, Tribal Symphony – Tribal Art Performance, and Trekking.
We booked this treetop hut.
Check-in : 12:00 PM Check-Out : Next day 10.30 AM

Treetop hut, Parambikulam Jungle Camps

Only one in total. A beautiful balcony located in the middle of a Teak tree plantation with good cleanliness, attached bathroom, and balcony. The charge is Rs 3000 on normal days and Rs 3600 on holidays. The package includes 3 meals along with accommodation, a jungle safari in your own vehicle, bamboo rafting at Parambikulam Reservoir, and Tribal Symphony – Tribal Art Performance.
Check-in: 12:00 PM Check Out: Next day 10.30 AM

Veettikunnu Island Jungle Camps

Situated in the middle of a reservoir in the Parambikulam forest, the island is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the outside world. It takes about an hour and a half by the river to reach the island. Can accommodate up to 5 people. You will be accompanied by four expert boatmen and a nature guide. Guests will have to buy their own food. There will be cooking facilities,
The charge is Rs 9700 in holidays and 9100 on normal days.
Check-in: 12:00 PM Check-Out: Next day 10.30 AM

Peruvari Island Nest Jungle Camps

Half an hour away on a raft across the river near the Peruveri Dam, it is a perfect place to stay and enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset. Can accommodate up to 4 people. You will be accompanied by four expert boatmen and a nature guide. Guests will have to purchase their groceries according to their need. There will be facilities for cooking.
The charge is Rs 8000 on Holidays and Rs 6000 on normal days
Check in: 12:00 PM Check Out: Next day 10.30 AM

There are also dormitory facilities and other natural camps at Parambikulam. Resting until 3.30 pm, the safari van came near the loft to pick us up. A few Tamil Nadu families who had booked accommodation in the tent, a photographer and a travel blogger were already in the vehicle. Later, the trek to Kannimara Teak was unforgettable, seeing the beauty of the Thunakkadavu Dam and the surrounding mountain peaks. Although Kannimara teak has the reputation of being the largest living teak tree in the world, I am not sure. Because I had heard the opposite opinion. Elephants, wild dogs, and deer were common on the way. But by then the baby was lying on his beloved’s lap. After crossing the Kannimara Teak and Thunakkadavu Dam viewpoints and the vast forests that stretch around, the journey ends at Parambikulam Angadi and ends at a wide riverbank along a small colony. The daughter opened her eyes and looked around and then looked at the faces of both of us and laughed beautifully.

Liba my daughter ran through the meadows in front of us as the picture of the Sahya mountains, steep valleys and lush green islands filled our eyes with wonder. Later, the 1 hour trek through the bamboo raft through the river where the big fish and crocodiles roamed was a moment of indescribable fulfillment. Tribal rowers beautifully describe the forest and surrounding life of Parambikulam in Tamil and Malayalam. What they finished with the story of the forest was their own story. Parambikulam is located between the Anamalai Hills and the Nelliampathi Hills. The southern boundary of the sanctuary is Karimala, a peak 1,438 m high. The northern boundary opens to the Nelliampathi hills. The water from the river flows directly into the Chalakudy river. About 2000 tribals live in this protected area. They live here in 6 different colonies in 4 tribes. These include the Katar, Malasar, Muduvas and Malamalasar tribes, as well as the Kariyarkutty, Sangam Colony, Kadavu Colony, Poopara, Earth Dam Colony and Kadavu Colony. There is a Lowe Primary school, and a primary health center for them. One person from each family works here as a guide, rower and canteen worker. This tourism is their way of life today. A bunch of good people who live in harmony with the forest and the countryside. They have a language without a script to speak to each other. As Malayalees, they have to depend on Tamil Nadu for everything. As such, they have a lot of merits.

When we saw wild buffaloes and llamas grazing by the river in the distance, the photographer on the raft was in a hurry to capture it on camera. Travel Vlogger tried to shoot video with his selfie camera but his face was disappointed that he could not see clearly due to the light. But by then my eyes had captured those views even more beautifully. After that pleasant journey we came to a small market in the middle of the jungle with 4 box stores, a police station, 1 hotel and a few quarters. That is Parambikulam town. What was prepared for us there was a very beautiful art party. While enjoying the half – hour long tribal dance party, I felt like holding the hand of my beloved and dancing to that rhythm, but I did not have the courage. The music and dance were well enjoyed by the daughter. Then tea from the shop and back to the van for the night safari. The sight of wild buffaloes grazing along the way could be seen in the light of the torch lit by the guide.At 8:30 we reached our tree top hut and then the guide led us to the canteen. Fried rice, chapatis and chicken curry filled the stomach in addition to the mind filled with views. Accompanied by unrecognizable sounds of the jungle, we entered the Tree Top Hut, which was set up by the side of the river for an overnight stay.In the middle of the second tiger sanctuary in Kerala, a sanctuary for many wildlife. The touch of the gentle breeze that cools the Western Ghats, the night that melts into the wildness of the forest and is full of love.When I was sleeping by hearing at the Lullabies of the forest, I wanted to awake in the morning by the chirping sound of Sahyan’s son without the help of the alarm. As the early morning sun’s rays penetrated our eyes like a thorn, we slowly awoke and saw deer, peacocks, wild boar and monkeys on the riverbank around the house, snuggling in unison.

After showing my daughter all the sights, we took a shower, went to the canteen and ate dosha and idli and went down to see the sight again with the guide. The Peruveri Dam and its surroundings were taken over by small animals early in the morning. In the distance you can see another beautiful tree top hut for travelers on an island. Isolated on the island of Peruveri, the tree top hut is another beautiful place for tourists to visit Parambikulam. There I asked Jimmy for more information. I gathered information from him for a day visitor.