A trip to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Idukki


“Malamele Thirivechu…..”
When I heard this song from the Malayalam movie ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’, it seemed like a very beautiful song, but when I saw the beautiful Idukki, I realized how meaningful this song is.

It was a coincidence that my friends and I decided to go on a trip to Idukki. Some of my friends decided to go outside Kerala (Goa, Hyderabad). Idukki itself was reaffirmed in view of my keen interest in Meesappulimala and Idukki and the opinion of the majority that they were going out of Kerala without seeing Kerala.


It was very late at night when the six of us stopped at the local bus stop.

At first we decided to go to Munnar. In Munnar, the same place as our Charlie mentioned Meesappulimala, then Idukki.

We left the house at 4.45 am. We reached Munnar around 11 pm. After lunch, prayers and a short nap, we reached the base camp of KFDC, 22 km from Munnar, at 5 pm. The next morning after a beautiful trek to Meesappulimalai, we returned to Munnar in the evening. After staying there, we left for Idukki the next morning.

Our journey is through Anachal, Kallarkutty Dam. After three dams including Kallarkutty, we reached Idukki at around 10.30 am. As the gate to Idukki Dam was through Cheruthoni Dam, our vehicle turned from Cheruthoni town towards Cheruthoni Dam. Arrived there, and first went to see Hill View Park. I took a ticket for six and a camera pass and went inside. There is no other place where you can enjoy the vast and beautiful view of the Idukki-Cheruthoni dams. Green covered mountains. Between ‘Kuravan Mala’ and ‘Kurathi Mala’, Idukki Dam, Cheruthoni Dam, Vaishali Cave, which are the pride of our Kerala, and in addition to Idukki and Cheruthoni Dam, the freshwater that fills the sky with blue and the gentle breeze that caresses the water. Enjoyed everything and did not know the time had passed.

We were enjoying the beauty of Idukki to the fullest. And so on
As we stood, in the distance, we saw a boat like a flamingo swimming slowly above the pupae dripping in the blue waters of the dam. This is KFDC’s newly launched boat service through the dam. Next, we have to go and get on that boat.

We drank a cup of tea from the stall at Hill View Park and set off on a boat trip. We had to walk a short distance to reach the floating dock, and when we arrived, the boat was coming. After the boatmen disembarked, we boarded. There was another group on the boat besides us. The boat began to move. At each point, the boat’s crew explained the specifics. When I heard that the depth of the dam would sink the 24 storey building, I felt real fear in my mind. A golden fish caught from the dam weighed 80 kg. On either side of the Reservoir are numerous hills that cover dense forests. When we knew we would see wildlife if we were lucky, we looked around with great curiosity but the result was a disappointment.

When we reached a little distance, we started seeing ‘Cheruthoni’ and ‘Idukki’ dams. The instruction came not to take photos or videos. When we got a little closer to the Idukki Dam, the boat crew started explaining about the Idukki Dam. I did not pay much attention to it as searching on google would get very accurate information. On the way back from the boat, which lasted for 55 minutes, the next group of passengers was in a hurry to board the boat.

Next, we had to go to the top of Cheruthoni-Idukki dams. But in the meanwhile, a difference of opinion arose between us, and it was about food. 3 people in the group say we can prepare food, and the other 3 say that we eat from the hotel. (Throughout the trip we were making our own food). Eventually, our group of 6 split into two. A group stayed to make food. The other group, including me, went out to see the dam. Mobiles, cameras, and other electronics cannot be taken to the dam site. After taking the ticket in the locker at the ‘mobile’ ticket counter, after “metal detection checking” we started walking on the top of the Cheruthoni dam. you can see the school and hostel of the movie Idukki Gold where the children are studying from the top of Cheruthoni Dam. It is a short walk to Idukki Dam after crossing Cheruthoni Dam. There are stalls and paid toilets along the way so you can travel without any thirst or other worries. We walked a little and reached the top of Idukki Dam. Idukki Dam, the first ‘arch dam’ in Asia, stood proudly above the dam. It was an hour and a half before we reached the point of departure.

Electric car facility is also available here for those who need to travel quickly. But you may not always get a ticket.

When we left for Calvary Mount, the next destination, after eating the food cooked by our friends, the tomb of Sri ‘Columban Mooppan’, who had pointed out the location of the Idukki Dam, was standing unnoticed on the roadside.

We traveled 10 km from Idukki on the Kattappana route and reached Mount Calvary at 4.3O. After seeing Mount Calvary, we decided to go to Vagamon the next day. But when we got our tickets, we were greeted by fog, wind and rain. We really enjoyed the wind and rain in Idukki which lasted for an hour. After seeing Calvary Mount in good daylight tomorrow we decided to go to Vagamon if we had time. Cotters on Calvary Mount was full booking. Then we took a room in a small boat to sleep that night.

After a morning shower and breakfast, head back to Mount Calvary. The ticket counter just opens when we get there. No one arrived except the 6 of us. After booking the car, take a ticket to Mount Calvary … The weather was good and the sky was bright on Calvary Mount because of the rain the day before. Below is a stagnant Periyar that looks like a man-made lake. And many green islands in it. Then the little wind, the blue sky above, the views that are soothing to the eyes and mind …

Until 12 noon we spent time on the hill slopes of Mount Calvary.
Destination – Idukki,Kerala,India