A heartfelt jungle trek to Parambikulam


Route> Thrissur – Vadakkancherry – Govindapuram – Anamalay – Top Slip Parambikulam

For those who want to know the forest, the forest will fill their minds with happiness. At the bottom of these minds is the desire to wander in the lap of the forest away from the hustle and bustle of life. He longed to see the bamboo hut on the lakeshore, and the rain made his beloved forest flourish, the various romantic expressions of greenery and fog, the music of the bamboo in the wind, and the sounds of the heirs of the chorus forest. Our minds wandered through that beautiful forest to go there again. Rameshwaram – Dhanushkodi, left the journey and came to Parambikulam only with an unquenchable passion for greenery. Only breathtaking views from Nemmara. Paddy fields, hills, ponds all. Located in Palakkad district, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is the only way from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located close to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. The famous Top Sleep is on the way to Parambikulam.


The main attraction of Parambikulam is the Peruvarippallam and Thunakkadavu dams. Animals can be seen up close at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve as compared to other wildlife sanctuaries. Apart from being an elephant sanctuary, the Parambikulam forest is the largest habitat for wildlife in Kerala, mainly for wild buffalo, tigers, leopards, crocodiles, llamas, deer, black monkeys and mountain goats. We were greeted by a peacock at the Kerala check post. After that a flock of butterflies. This is the first time 100-200 people have been spotted flying so close, so colorful. They were flying with the car. We have the services of a guide when the cash is paid as pre-packaged. There are 4 types of people belonging to the same tribal community, according to which they have an income and security for us only for the benefit of all. We got a guide named Sivakumar. He will no longer be there for all our help. Their experience is commendable.

A variety of packages are available but the dream is to have a teak tree nest on the shores of the lake at Thunakkadavu. One is also available in Parambikulam but there is no lake. It is advisable to book in advance. The bathroom is attached and has all the amenities like heater and inverter. There is also A / C – Honeycomb felt cooler than A / C due to rain. Saturdays – Sundays and seasons have a slightly higher rate than other days. Treetop Hut is sure to captivate anyone. We spent a night and a day there. Many visitors came to see the balcony asking permission, and to take pictures from there. Some people from Vaikom shared the disappointment of not being able to book it. We left Paravur in the morning and reached Parambikulam at 11.30 am and by noon the heavy rain had covered the forest. The package includes Treetop Hut accommodation, food, jungle safaris, the service of a guard who knows the jungle for 24 hours, and trekking, bamboo rafting, and tribal dance. Everything will be captivating.

There are also elephant rides. Nowadays it is difficult to see nature without mobile towers or electric posts. Given that situation, the view of the virgin forests around the dam after the rains is breathtaking. The rain made all the views beautiful .. Ha! What a beauty, what a beauty. The first destination was the Thoonakkadav Dam and its surroundings. Very close to our residence. The next trip was to the Kannimaratheakk (virgin Teak tree), one of the largest teaks in the world. off-road. I saw Kannimarathekk, took pictures, and continued my journey. The rain stopped. When you see the foggy dams, you will be amazed by the sky and the earth. An unforgettable journey through the fog to see the animals and take photos. You can see a lot of animals in the morning and at night. A bamboo raft was waiting for us. A dreamlike journey. There are also lizards. There are several islands / small islands. The lake is full of one of them. A house and with animals. My mind whispered that I should stay there next time. At night we were surrounded by trenches with bears, elephants, and other animals. Thrilling. Ha! Rain again. There were 5 types of tribal dances at the Tiger Hall in Parambikulam.

The Parambikulam forests are inhabited by 4 castes namely Kadar, Malashar, Muduvar, and Malamalashar. There are more than 1100 Adivasis living in 6 colonies. The Eco Development Program led by the Forest Department is aimed at improving the living conditions of the Adivasis. They provide guide services to those who come to see the forest. Do not make noise when seeing animals on a night trip, I was instructed not to flash. Accompanied by the horror of the forest, the sightseeing of the night, and the sound of thunder beating Thrissur Pooram, we reached the room. The guard would prepare our food for the time. Good food. Special thanks for that. Stayed overnight in that love tent above the tree. The sounds of many birds and animals echoed. And the sound of rain after a while. I went out in the middle of the morning and looked. What a majestic wildness. Then I heard a sore voice. Deer was hunted by a tiger. A herd of deer looks down at the treetop hut. And a few pigs. Monkeys on a teak tree. We took a quick shower and got ready and went on a safari for 3 hours in the morning. The road is full of deer and wild buffalo.

Once we enter the forest, no matter how quietly we walk, when at least 20 pairs of eyes can see us, we must have seen at least one wild animal ’. The proverb came to mind. The Parambikulam Road ends in front of a 30 feet high pillar supporting the Ashoka Pillar. This is the last stop of all government buses coming from Kerala and abroad. So there are a few shops, small tea shops and buildings in the area. The car circled over there, the sweet memories lingering in my mind, my heart pounding there, and when I turned around whispering in my mind that I would be back, the peacocks came again to say goodbye. The journey is exciting. Expect anything. A tree, a reed, a leopard, an elephant, or a tiger may suddenly come across the vehicle. Just in time we knew we would be back when a big tree fell in the rain the night before and blocked the way to the virgin tree. In the picture, you can see a man and our Shivan Chettan changing Eeta which was lying on the road when he returned after the morning journey. When a herd of wild buffaloes came just in front of the car, we waited for a while and watched their movements and drove away as per the guide’s instructions. What makes such journeys so exciting is the combination of fear and adventure that the unexpected can always be expected.