Vagamon is a gift of nature- An amazing travel experience


Vagamon has different expressions every time he goes. Sometimes it is covered with snow. Then nothing but mist can be seen in Vagamon. Vagamon will welcome us someday with harmony and strife. Occasionally with sun, snow, and drizzle.

Travel is a form of intoxication that does not harm the mind, body, or society. It’s even sweeter when you’re with loved ones.


The five of us started our journey in the middle of the night witnessing the pouring rain. The journey continued, breaking through the darkness in the pouring rain. By dawn, Malabar had passed. Arrived at Angamaly around 8 PM. After breakfast, we proceeded towards Vagamon. Perumbavoor, Muvattupuzha, Thodupuzha, Kanjar, Vagamon. This was the route. After Thodupuzha, the weather changed. A climate that is reluctant to let in sunlight, like a rain shadow area. As we climbed the Vagamon Pass from Kanjar, rain and snow came together. Until then, everyone who was enjoying the jokes of Jalal and Sadiq fell into the illusory views of nature.

To the left of the narrow path is a deep ravine, inaccessible to the naked eye, and to the right are hills and mountains. The view of the baby streams, which are born in the rainy season and die in the summer, through the hills is colorful. We entered Vagamon, also known as the Switzerland of Kerala, to see the snow, the rain, and the changes in nature.

As the name suggests, Vagamon is as beautiful as the dreamy bald hills and valleys.

We arranged a room near the barren hills. A flawless room for 5 people for Rs.1000. We had lunch at their own downstairs hotel and went out to see the sights.

Our first target is ‘Thangal rock’. The seasons change and disappear. The rain and fog are coming and going. Occasionally the sun comes up. We reached the bottom of the rock. The car was parked there. Our trip was equipped with rain showers and camera cover. The place they call rock is on top of a hill. It is said that there is a Sattvik named Sheikh Fariduddin who is resting there. The hills are a paradise to see the Dargah and more than just a view from the top of the hill.

People from all walks of life, regardless of caste or creed, are coming to this place, which is endowed with the signature of nature. The fog alternates between snow and rain. And slow winds for the cage. We climbed the mountain as darkness overcame that evening when the springs of the view were intertwined with the colors of nature.

We made our way to the lodge through the snow-covered dark roads and ate. Returned to the room. Everyone took a shower and freshened up. We opened the room door and enjoyed the wet music of the rain outside. Despite the bone-chilling cold, we enjoyed that dark snowy and rainy night. We fell asleep with all the old songs of the cage.

I woke up very early the next morning. After waking everyone up and doing the morning rituals and prayers, it headed for the Pine Valley early in the morning. Intermittent pine trees take us to another world. It is difficult to describe the beauty of the Pine Valley, which is a dark and shady area where sunlight does not penetrate. We spent about an hour there, had breakfast, and headed for the barren hills of Wagamon.

It’s raining until I pick up the ticket from the counter and climb the hill. Beautiful view and feel of love between snow and rain. The mist is surrounded by snow as if the bald hills were adorned with silver silk satin. Despite the rain, we spent some time in a small lake near a barren hill. Boating and rafting facilities are available. Those who are interested can. On the way back down, the fog covered the bald hills so that the camera could not even focus on each other.

The next destination was ‘Kurishumala’. The ‘Kurishumala’ and its surroundings is a paradise that is full of Christian spirituality and the spring of sights. Murugan Hill is also close by. Saying goodbye to Vagamon, who entertained our eyes and mind, we headed towards Illikkal in Kottayam district.