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Helen of Sparta aka Dhanya s Rajesh is an emerging tik tok star popular for her vibrant tik tok Facebook and youtube videos.Daughter of Rajesh and Suja from Kasaragod. Dhanya S Rajesh alias Helen of Sparta, a native of Kasaragod, is a very popular actress in Tik Tok. Helen of Sparta was part of the discussions after the Tik Tok ban in India. The actor has now responded to criticism of her reactions on Tik Tok. The Tik tok Toe star responded in an interview with an online channel.

Full Name – Dhanya Suja Rajesh
TikTok Star
Born – May 23, 1998 in Kerala, India
Nationality – Indian
Net Worth – Rs 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhs

Words by Dhanya S Rajesh| tiktok helen of sparta:
‘Irshad Arshad called me the next day and apologized, but still a group of people said that Helen of Sparta had humiliated a section. I’ve driven everyone into my live. If I were a racist, I would never make a video. ‘ ‘Another criticism is that children should not watch Helen of Sparta’s live. As I say at the beginning of my live, if anyone in the family sees my live, go to someone else’s live. Because they have already been tattooed that i am like this. We do not need to listen patiently when people are constantly bothering us, we have not done anything wrong.i never came in live drinking alcohol or using any kind of toxic drugs, I’m just saying things in good faith. It depends on how each person takes it. ‘ ‘I have had objections from girls. Girls should not speak loudly and girls should not respond. They have such a mind set. I do not mean to be confused with live. I think any woman should be responsive. ‘


‘I do not reply to fake accounts. If it appears to be a fake account, no reply will be given. So far only original accounts have been answered. They have no problem calling bad words, the problem is that a girl responds like that. We have to calm down and tell them that forgive my brother and tell them that I will not do anything like that again. That is why this negative comment is put like this. They see girls as inferior. But they can’t see Helen of Sparta like that. That is their problem. ‘ ‘Current women and future girls need to be responsive. I saw a serial actress calling me ‘Koche Mole’ and advising me to live according to men. Why does we allow a boy to say it, while a girl can’t say it? If a group of women responds, A group of men will also support. ‘

‘Some time ago my understanding was that feminism was about oppressing men and making women stand on high levels. Or the woman is above the man. That was an impression on me too. But not so. Being a feminist is about equality. The same law applies to both men and women. That’s what I mean by feminism. I’m a feminist on that one base. ‘

‘If I have 100 dislikes, 50 of them will be by people who accept male domination. That includes these Arjun fans too. This is what Arjun thinks too. If someone has done body shaming, especially towards girls, it means that they will all go downstairs crying and throwing their tik tok and and Instagram account and sitting to the corner. He doesn’t like people who dye their hair, he doesn’t like blacks, he doesn’t like people who cry, he doesn’t like anyone, Arjun has such a character. ‘

Dhany Rajesh Age – 25 Years

Full NameDhanya Suja Rajesh
other names/Pet NameHelen Of Sparta
FatherRajesh ( Businessman)
SisterNo information
HusbandNot married
ProfessionActress, Tik Tok Star, Model,Social media celebrity
Helen of Sparta Age54 Years
Height in feet, in cm5.18 Feet  | 158cm | 62.20 in
Weight in (kilograms,Pounds)52 Kg | 114 lb
Relationship StatusCommitted( According to her some of the video,she clearly states that she is currently in a relationship.But she is not yet revealed her boyfriend name or photos
Dhanya Rajesh contact numberNo information. You can contact her through her social media accounts.
Instagram Account Facebook Account
Social media accountsAs of 2020 she has gained over 732.4K followers and 21.3 million likes on TikTok.After the ban of tik tok in india, Helen of sparta tik tok malayalam starmoved from tik tok to Facebook and instagram
Religion and CasteHindu ,Ezhava
Debut Moviesnot acted in movies yet, Acted in couple of short films,which are Mangalo and Red Velvet,and won best actress award for the short film
Dhanya rajesh Salary (Remuneration)1 – 2 Lakh Indian Rupees

Dhanya S Rajesh Family

Helen of sparta tik tok star with her father Rajesh and Mother Suja

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