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Emma Watson was once one of the most famous child actors of all time. But although she found fame by playing Hermione in the Harry Potter series, she has gone on to become so much more. From her academic beginnings to her college days to her feminist activism and beyond, this is the stunning transformation of Emma Watson. After only a few years of playing Hermioneon-screen, Watson developed a special affinity with her character. Just like the character she’s most known for playing, also excelled at her studies. During filming on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 2006, it was announced that she had received top-level scores on her exams. “Well done! See you here, everyone! Miss Granger’s done it! Splendid.” Despite becoming a household name after the Harry Potter movies were released, Watson has always strived to maintain some sense of normality in her life – and her college days were no exception. In 2009, Watson announced that she planned to study liberal arts at Brown University, and insisted that she would go through the full college experience, including living in dorms

So, let’s find out more information about her closest people. The actress’s father Chris is a lawyer by profession. He had been married to Emma’s mother since the late 1980s till 1995. During this time they parented two kids. Despite the fact that Chris remarried and became a father to three more children, he remains close with a famed daughter. Both father and daughter like spending time with each other and share a love for reading books. The mother’s name is Jacqueline and she deals with law as well. It was she, who noticed Emma’s talent for acting and enrolled her in a theater school. After the divorce, she remarried Jonathan Taylor. In one of the interviews, Watson stated that her mother is her biggest inspiration and motivation. The actress has only one blood brother. His name is Alex and he was delivered in 1992. It would be interesting to know that he also tried his skills in acting and even appeared in Harry Potter and some other TV projects. In addition, he also worked as a model for a short time. Nonetheless, he is now more focused on studies. From dad’s second marriage, there are three paternal half-siblings with Toby being the oldest one. He was welcomed in 2003. A paternal half-sister Lucy was born in 2004 and she is the identical twin of Nina. Nina was also born in 2004 and together with Lucy and Emma, she appeared in Ballet Shoes. When Emma’s mother got married to Jonathan, the actress became a step-sister to David and Andy. Emma Watson is not only a talented film star but also a beautiful lady and so, no wonder her personal life is more than bright and vivid. Since 2011 and up till 2013 she was romantically involved with Will Adamowicz. From 2013 till 2014 she dated Matthew Janney who is a rugby player. From 2015 till 2017 the actress had been in a relationship with William Knight and was even going to propose him. Then in 2018, she dated Chord Overstreet but in the spring of 2019 was noticed with Cole Cook, who is Alicia Key’s brother. The actress doesn’t have any children as yet, but according to her story, she can’t wait to be a mother.

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Emma Watson’s Success Path

She is much more than that pretty girl in the movies! At least 10 guys were lucky enough to win the heart of this beautiful activist, actress, and model. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, France. Despite her age, she is one of the most intelligent, active, and successful women in the world of cinema. Her talent goes far beyond her undeniable skills of acting. One of the examples of Emma’s amazing life outside the filming set is the fact that she is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. This is probably one of the topics she writes about in her diaries as she’s a great lover of having her thoughts written. Another interesting thing that relates to the actress is oneirism – the state of dreaming while being awake. In addition, Emma likes breaking records. For instance, she’s the youngest woman to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine; she was only 15! Then she has entered The Guinness Book of records, as the highest-grossing actress of the decade, thanks to her work in Harry Potter, with a profit of more than $5.4 billion dollars around the planet.

Not only her acting but her intelligence breaks the frames of average thinking. Emma has always made it clear that one of her greatest wishes is to change the future of the world for the better. This is why she is well known for her activism. Watson, like other celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway, is UN Women’s Goodwill ambassador. Although the beautiful actress continues the fight for equal opportunities between men and women, she as well admits that nowadays feminism has lost its original objectives. Emma once said: “Fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. This has got to stop.” All together along with her grace and beauty helped Emma to gain greater international recognition as a model. Watson, who by the way studied English Literature at Brown University, Rhode Island, United States, has been the image of large brands such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, or Lancôme.

Being only 17, she was noticed by a controversial and recently deceased German designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Since then, Emma has been usually seen wearing clothes from the prestigious fashion house, Channel. What’s more, the actress has created her own line in conjunction with People Tree and Alberta Ferretti. Obviously, no gentleman can leave such an extraordinary woman unnoticed so she has had quite a line of her admirers. Let’s have a look at them! The first man Emma favored was the rugby player, Tom Ducker, in 2006. A year later, in 2007, she was dating the acting student, Angus Willoughby. Another year later, in 2008, she had a romance with the owner of the diamond and jewelry industry, Francis Boulle. Between 2008 and 2009, Watson was in a relationship with finance expert, Jay Barrymore. Later that year, Emma was leaving for six months with the Spanish musician and fellow university student, Rafael Cebrian. In 2010 she was dating the musician and model, George Craig, with whom she even collaborated in a video, “Say you don’t want it.” Then, in 2012, she was seen with her former oxford University coursemate Will Adamowicz. Yes, the amazing Emma Watson also studied acting at the prestigious University of Oxford. Already in 2015, the actress started a relationship with her former filming set partner, the actor Roberto Aguire. Finally, in 2018, Emma started a relationship with the Glee series actor, Chord Overstreet. Even though it’s said that they’ve broken up, it seems like it was only a rumor! Apparently, their common interest (acting)also has helped their relationship! As we can see, the professional life of the beautiful Emma Watson is as fascinating and dynamic as her personal life. Was it her intelligence, or perhaps her fortune valued at $80 million dollars (Net Worth), that scared her former partners off? Or probably she is waiting for her prince to take her romantic life to the next level.

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Emma Watson Boyfriend 2020 Revealed

Emma Watson has been very transparent with fans about her relationship status over the years, and after months of speculation, her new mystery man has finally been revealed. What’s up guys, and it looks like the Chamber of Secrets has officially unleashed a major secret about Emma’s love life. Emma Watson’s late-night London mystery man has officially been confirmed, and it’s looking like things are getting pretty serious between the two. So after being first spotted kissing out front of Gail’s Bakery in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood back in October, Emma has been raising speculation as to whether this guy could be a long-term thing. And thanks to some deep investigative work, the Daily Mail can now confirm that the man in question is 30-year-old California business owner Leo Robinson. Emma and Leo haven’t been photographed together much since October because the two are allegedly trying to keep their relationship on the DL.

Emma Watson and Tom Felton | Emma Watson Boyfriend 2020 | 2021

Did tom Felton and Emma Watson ever date? Emma Watson dating Tom Felton. These are the two most searched queries on google nowadays about the Harry porter actress Emma Watson. What is the right answer to that? The real fact is still behind the curtain and this is still a rumor, but some sources say that it might be true that Emma Watson dating Tom Felton. Both of them have co-starred in the Harry porter series, In last November one of their co-star Rupert Grint says in an interview that Emma Watson and Tom Felton always had a spark. According to him ” There was always something”.Watson and Felton were 11 and 14 years respectively when the first harry porter movie released in the year 2011.

Emma Watson dating Tom Felton
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Did tom Felton and Emma Watson ever date? Now We can answer this question based on the statement of their Harry porter co-star Rupert Grint, There was something between them during the harry porter filming time, What is the current status of their relationship is still just only a rumor until we got enough clarity. But many magazines like Ok magazine reports that Emma Watson dating Tom Felton, It’s because of a photo of them posted by Felton in his Instagram account, it seems that they were hanging out in South Africa. Many people interested to know about Tom Felton wife, The answer is he is not married yet. He has only 32 years old.

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Emma Watson Age – 33 Years
Emma Watson Height In Ft – 5.51Feet (emma watson feet)
in cm – 168Cm | In meter – 1.68M
Emma Watson Weight – 61 Kg | 134.48 Pound(lbs)
emma watson birthday -15 April 1990

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Is Emma Watson Single

Literally the Answer is No, But the exact answer to the queries, Emma Watson Husband name & Is Emma Watson Married, She is not married yet

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One of the most googled search words about actress emma watson.Many names are popping out as her Husband but all of them are fake.Emma watson is not married yet.
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