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 About Archana Kavi

Archana Kavi is an Indian actress and model who mostly appeared in Malayalam, Tamil Movies. In addition to acting and modeling career, she is a successful YouTuber and a TV host too. Archana is born on 4 January 1988 in New Delhi to Mr. Jose Kaviyil a Senior Journalist and Rosamma. Her Father’s family is in Kannur, that’s her only connection with Kerala. Archana Kavi’s age is 34 Years. Archana completed her schooling at St. Xavier’s School, Delhi. Then she came to Kerala for higher studies it’s a little unbelievable because normally people go outside of Kerala for completing their studies, but a girl she typically born outside of Kerala came here for pursuing her higher studies. She did her Business Administration Degree in Mar Augustinos College Ramapuram.

Archana Kavi With Husband Abish Mathew
Archana Kavi Biography  
Full name Archana Kavi
Date Of Birth 4 January 1988
Age 34 Years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 175cm
Father Name Jose Kaviyil
Mother Name Rosamma
Birth Place New Delhi
Home Town Kannur
Husband Abish Mathew
Profession Actress,Youtuber
Educational Qualification Bachelor of Business Administration
Debut Movie Neelathamara (2009)

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Archana Kavi Lesser Known Facts

Archana Kavi is one of the most accomplished and courageous Malayalam actresses. She is one of the rarest actresses who got Kerala State film awards for the debut movie, and Archana won that title through the movie Neelathamara.

Archana Kavi is an actress who is always bold enough to express her opinion strongly on the public and through her social media platforms. Her recent statement about sex and female orgasm has caused a lot of controversy and allegations.

Currently, She took a break from the movies and started a YouTube channel. Presently she became one of the successful YouTubers from Kerala. She has around 1.7lakh Followers on YouTube. Watch her channel. Currently, she is creating a Mini Manglish web series.

Archana Kavi made her acting debut with the highly successful movie Neelathamara in 2009, a remake of the 1979 film with the same name, written by legendary writer MT Vasudevan Nair and directed by Yusuf Ali Kecheri. The new version is directed by Lal Jose. This was her career breakthrough. She performed as a Maid in an orthodox ‘Kerala Tharavadu Veedu’ named Kunjimalu. Her Performance as Kunjimalu got a lot of appreciation from the audience and critics. On 23 rd January 2016, Archana Kavi Married to Stand up comedian Abish Mathew.

Example of her Bold and Frank nature

Archana Kavi’s open writing about masturbation was a big discussion in the cyber world. Both parts of Archana’s blog went viral in the context of talking to friends. Now Archana has come up with the third part of it. In the first part, Archana describes her experience of finally turning her back on open talk about masturbation and getting rid of it.His friend’s advice not to tell him such things if he has a son was not heeded at first. But Archana says she also thinks about her friend’s advice that if you talk to him about such things, he will remember your face every time such thoughts come up.

Archana ends the second part by saying that she slept anxiously that night thinking about the baby boy she was about to give birth to. In the third part, Archana says that the same issue will be discussed later in his house.

Archana writes interestingly about the interesting experiences she had while discussing the subject in the audience with all the family members and the reactions of her father, mother, and brother. Archana has received many accolades for presenting such things in a very interesting and non-obscene manner, which many are often reluctant to say openly. They also respond to those who criticize Archana on the basis of hypocrisy.

Read the important parts :

As soon as I woke up the next day I called my cousin who has the boys and shared these things. One of them has a one-year-old baby. Let me assume that I have not changed their view of their son.

Slowly thoughts began to catch me. If I were a girl I would know something to say about when she has menstruation and the personal hygiene that needs to be observed during those times. Do fathers talk to their sons about personal hygiene? I asked myself. My father and mother used to tell only one thing to my brother, to go and take a bath

If my daughter is angry with hormonal differences I will not take it seriously. I can understand the pain she feels during menstruation. At the same time, I can never understand how painful it would be if a cricket ball hit my son’s secret place.

I had to talk to someone I knew. My mother is also the mother of a boy. Who else is better than this to answer my questions? I controlled my breath and … I told my mother .. ‘My mother Abhishek’s friends came last week’ ………….. Archana Kavi and Father

I do not know if my mother’s eyes are ever become bigger than this. My brother tried to change the subject. But I felt compelled to know.

My mother started laughing when she heard my question. Chetan(brother) sat on the sofa and said loudly ‘she’s mad’. I didn’t care. I repeated the question to my mother. My father slowly got up, went to my brother, and started reading the newspaper. By then, My sister in law had joined in our conversation. They asked my brother. ‘In what strange places have you masturbated?’

My house is now like the climax sequence of the Priyadarshan movie. I looked at my mother again. She said ‘I knew my children would ask me questions but I did not expect such a thing’.My father looked at me to end this conversation somehow and said ‘Archana it is a sin’. My mother’s laughter grew louder. ‘Oh, then a saint who does nothing. ‘ Mother told my father.

I was shocked. Everyone started laughing. My father was still confused about what to do. I can worry about my son in this regard. But I do not even think about the strange places my father went to, for doing masturbation

That’s it, so I decided to end my search …

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Archana Kavi’s Salary /Remuneration

At the initial stage of her career She is one of the to paid actress in Malayalam industry but later her movies not performed well in the box office and eventually she take a break from movie. Her Remuneration for a movie is approx 14 to 20 Lakh Rupees .