Meera Anil One of the Popular Anchor in Malayalam entertainment and Television Industry. She is the host of Popular Comedy Reality Show in Asianet TV – Vodaphone Comedy Star. Meera Anil born and raised in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Anchor Meera Anil born on 28 March 1990 and her age is 33 Years. Meera Anil Educational Qualification is, She has completed her Engineering Degree in Civil. Her Height is 166 cm.

Meera Anil one of the most famous anchor in the industry, and the quite few anchors who won the heart of the audience, she became more popular after the TV reality show Vodafone Comedy star,.Meera Anil is not just an anchor she is a passionate Dancer, Actress, and busy model too.She is an expert in two forms of Indian Classical Dance Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, and she learned the renowned Kerala Temple art Kathakali too. She got the Kerala University kalathilakam Award in 2009.


Marriage and Family Life

Meera Anil is recently got engaged to a businessman named Vishnu, she says that love, at first sight, is true, people think that am in love with someone and he is the guy which i loved, but it is not true, this is completely an arrange marriage, my parents chosen him for me , and I am deeply in love with him after the first sight. About Marriage…..
Meera shares her special moments’ photos through social media and gone viral. There are a lot of Rumours about a long-standing relationship but Meera took everyone by announcing that it was  completely an arrange marriage.Yes, this is an arranged marriage, but I can not say I do not know him. He was the one I have been waiting for for so many years, ”says Meera, her parents finding Vishnu for them and meeting Vishnu for the first time on her birthday. At that moment, I believed in love at first sight. When I look at him at a glance, I know he’s mine. I badly wanted to hug him and ask ‘why are you so late?’. Says the anchor. Meera also talks about some incidents while sharing her engagement pictures on social media and talks about the bad comments in the post; In his own words. “Half of the comments were ‘When is the divorce?’ But why? We do not marry to obtain a divorce. Two people get married to lead a happy life, comments like this are inappropriate. ”

Meera Anil without Makeup

Meera Anil Latest News: – Meera Anil Weeding

Anchor Meera Anil’s wedding photos are getting great attention. Meera was married to Vishnu from Mallappally on July 15 at the Attukal Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. Meera’s wedding dress was traditional ‘Settum Mundum‘ which had a blue colored Kara and Kassavu. Vishnu was wearing Kasavu Mundu. The ceremonies were conducted in a simple manner in compliance with the Kovid 19 regulations.

The wedding was scheduled for June 5 but delayed due to the Kovid crisis. The engagement was in January. Meera is the only daughter of Anil Kumar and Geetha from Thiruvananthapuram. Meera is best known for her Anchoring and dancing talent and performances in television shows and stage shows. After completing the civil engineering degree, Meera studied journalism and then returned to the media field. Vishnu, Meera’s bride is the youngest son of Purushothaman Nair and Lalitha, and he is a businessman.

Comedy stars anchor Meera Wedding stills

Meera Anil’s Remuneration

Meera Anil is one of the popular Anchor in the Kerala Television industry. Approx 1.10 Lakh Rupees per Big Event hosting and approx 22000 Rupees Per Day Shoot for Anchoring Television Reality Shows like Vodaphone Comedy Star etc