Jyothi Krishna is an Indian actress, Model, Television Host, RJ, and Model predominantly seen in Malayalam movies. She is born and raised in Mayyannur Trissur to Rajan Pettikkattil and Lolitha Rajan, Jyothikrishna born on 27 August 1992 and her age is 31 Years. She’s one of the boldest actresses in the industry. She is brave enough to express her opinion on public platforms like social media etc. Do you want to know more about her Remuneration or Salary Height and other details ?. read more 

On November 19 2017 Jyothi Krishna married Arun Anand Raja, brother of Malayalam actress Radhika. After the marriage, she took a temporary leave from her acting career. She was the host of Reality Show Laughing Villa Season 2 in Surya TV


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Jyothi Krishna one of the boldest actresses in the industry she publicly expresses her opinions and always gave amazing replies through her social media profiles to people who tried to misbehave.Recently someone morphed one of her photos with someone else photos. She posted the morphed photo with the title “My head in your Mother’s Body”. There is another event that proves her strong-willed mind, a few years back she filed a complaint against Shaji Kavanad a film production executive in the Malayalam film industry because of his misbehavior and sexual abuse, and Film employers federation of Kerala suspended him behalf of Jyothi Krishna’s complaint.

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Jyothi Krishna Biography

Full Name Jyothi Krishna aka Jyothy Krishna
Birthplace Mayannur, Trissur, Kerala, India
Native Place Mayannur, Thrissur District, Kerala, India
Date of Birth 27 August 1992
Education Bachelors Degree
Occupation Film actress, dancer
Film Industry Presence 2011-2017
Acting Debut Bombay March 12 (2011 film)
Acting Debut as a Lead Actress –  Bombay March 12
Jyothi Krishna Age 31 Years.
Height 165 cm
Weight 62 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Nationality Indian
Home Town  Mayyanur, Trissur, Kerala
Husband Arun Anand Raja (2017 –

Jyothy Krishna born in Trissur, Kerala. She made her film debut with the 2011 film Bombay March 12 it’s a supporting role after she played the critically acclaimed movie God for Sale and Renjith’s Njan etc.

Jyothi krishna Family – Jyothi Krishna with her Mother

Jyothi krishna Salary

Jyothi Krishna’s Remuneration for a movie is 8 to 12 lakh

Jyothi Krishna Lesser Known Facts and Controversies

Actress Jyothikrishna has alleged that someone is trying to destroy her family by creating a fake account on Facebook. In a video posted on Facebook, Jyothikrishna said that someone was trying to find her husband’s family members from a fake account named Sribhadra, defaming herself and her family. Jyothikrishna, the heroine of Dileep’s Life of Josutti, got married on November 19. Jyothi Krishna’s husband is Malayalam actress Radhika’s brother Arun Anandaraja.

Earlier, there were fake campaigns against Jyoti Krishna on social media. A morphed image of Jyothi krishna was circulated through the WhatsApp. Following this, a news spread on YouTube that the actor had made a statement against Malayalam actor Dileep. The actress had reacted strongly against those incidents.

When she reached Dubai after her marriage, another cyber attack took place on Jyothikrishna. The actress has reacted to this through a Facebook video. ” Someone created a fake ID called Sri Bhadra and they blocked my and my husband’s Facebook account, and every single member of my husband’s family has been tracked down and sent very bad messages about me and my family. Saying bad things like who will do a wedding like this, other than you. I can not send messages to this account as my and my husband’s accounts are blocked. I do not know the motive of the person who is doing this. Whatever your intention was, it was in vain. Because my husband or my husband’s family, whoever sent you the message, gave me great support. I was told to go. “

“Cheta, Chechi, stop this work and do some work, and if you have children, try to live by doing something for them or for the family.” What is the point of getting into a family of people who are living well for making troubles without any reason?. I do not know, if he is a family member or not,whoever it is, all of his effort in vain. The greatest strength for a girl is to be with her husband. I have that. That’s enough. Please stop this work even if you are older or younger. Or if you still want to continue, let it happen, let it go well ”.

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